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Football Recruiting How-To

It's no secret that the vast majority of Illini fans only follow basketball recruiting. But with Lovie in town, and a little momentum in August, and hopefully a really good day tomorrow, maybe it's time to dust off my 6.54 post and perform a public service: for those of you who are new to this, a ten-minute course on how to follow football recruiting. … [Read More...]


Camp Lovie XXXI: Mailbag 5

More mailbaggery where your Twitter questions turn into a way for me to write more words about Illini football. … [Read More...]


Up Comes Frazier

I’ve never met Trent Frazier, and I’ve never seen him play beyond the YouTube highlights on my laptop. But I’ve already grown to admire the 6-foot-2, 170 pound … [Read More...]

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Looks Like University Of Illinois – Trent Frazier

Someone I know on the internet suggested the perfect nickname for Frazier. In the spirit of "Luther Powell Jr.", motion to refer to this kid as "Chester Meacham". See, the 2009 backcourt was TRENT Meacham and Chester FRAZIER, Trent Frazier, Chester Meacham, … [Read More...]

Camp Lovie XXX: CHTS – Tampa Two?

Editor's note: This post was a request. In the press conference last Sunday, Lovie stressed that he doesn't run the "Tampa Two" - he runs a "gap control, single high, eight man front, man coverage" defense (I'm gonna try to get #GCSHEMFMCD to catch on). I … [Read More...]

Camp Lovie XXIX: Camp Superlatives

Camp Lovie (my term, the lameness should have tipped you off) has come to a close, which means it's time for Camp Superlatives. I think this is my seventh time doing Superlatives, and every single time I think I've slipped-in the fact that I was voted Most … [Read More...]

Camp Lovie XXVIII: Extra Interviews

Here's three interviews I never found the time to publish: offensive lineman Zach Heath, defensive end Carroll Phillips, and, of course - and it might be the final one because he's a senior - MANBERG. … [Read More...]

Camp Lovie XXVII: Mailbag 4

Here's the third mailbag post that I started last night but couldn't finish because sleep is apparently important. I wanted to get to the next 90i post, but mailbagging is so much fun. … [Read More...]

Camp Lovie XXVI: Mailbag 3

See, my eyes are already getting heavy. I say "I'm going to try to crank out three mailbag posts tonight" and at the beginning of #2 my eyes are already telling me to go to bed. Let's see if I can get through this without them closing on me. … [Read More...]

Camp Lovie XXV: Mailbag 2

I'm gonna try to knock out three of these tonight. Every time I say that I fail at my own expectations but THIS TIME it's going to be different. Let's do this. … [Read More...]

Camp Lovie XXIV: Updated Depth Chart

I pride myself on getting this one right (one year I hit the post-camp two-deep 44 for 44). But this one will be tricky. I'm not sure how Lovie fills out his depth chart yet (one tackle backup at both spots or a different backup for every spot?), and I'm not … [Read More...]

Camp Lovie XXIII: Mailbag 1

Monday's practice was my annual "Mailbag Day" practice. I remember the frustration of sitting at my desk at work wondering what was going on at training camp, so each year I dedicate one day to being your eyes and ears. I tried my best to watch for … [Read More...]

Camp Lovie XXII: Two Freshman Interviews

Interviews with two of the freshmen - Dele Harding (pronounced Day-Lay) and Eddy the Fish. If you listen real close, you can hear Eddy's Boston accent. … [Read More...]

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