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The worst trait I've passed down to my kids: "Don't worry, there's still time, I can still pull this out."  It sources all the way back to school for me - the paper is due tomorrow at noon, I haven't started, but I think I can start at 10:00 tonight and still pull it off".  It never works out.  In life or in basketball. … [Read More...]


Looks Like University Of Illinois – Dwayne Lawson

I have a habit of taking these LLOUI posts and going off on some tangent before I talk about the player. Today's tangent: player development. While at the Kraft … [Read More...]


Shot Distribution

I'll admit right now that I didn't watch a single minute of our two wins last week. Things were hectic during the week, and CBS Sports Network was bizarrely … [Read More...]

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First off, I don't think VCU is all that good.  Might have been an off-night, but it feels like we'll look up on February 15th and see them in 6th place in the A-10.  But still, after a horrific Thanksgiving week (0-3 including a loss to Winthrop), bouncing … [Read More...]

2017 Depth Chart

This is kind of cheating, given that I just put a 2017 depth chart together inside a recruiting post less than a month ago. But I've started the offseason with next year's depth chart after the final game for the last eight seasons (!), so I must continue the … [Read More...]

It’s A Start

So with Robert still recovering from his trip to NYC for a week of Illini basketball sadness and a series of intense high level meetings with IlliniBoard brass, game coverage duties fell to me (Tyler) tonight... … [Read More...]

Te’Jon Might Be Pretty Good

I’ll level with you guys. The state of Illinois basketball is not great. An 0-3 week is an absolute gut punch that we’ll have a tough time recovering from. If you’re like me, you’ve heard enough about the demise of the program, and you’re not ready yet to give … [Read More...]


After the Florida State loss - our third this week, putting us 4th out of four teams here in New York City - I attended both press conferences for both head coaches.  And they couldn't have been more different.  And I think that's a problem.  … [Read More...]


Robert is in New York, so he asked me to handle the Northwestern game. I'll get to the game in a moment. Before I do, I want to talk about three other teams, each on a different rung of the college football ladder. … [Read More...]

SOC – Northwestern

I can't watch the game tomorrow.  Well, I could, but it would be ridiculously unfair to my wife.  Here we are, in New York City, and I've spent the better part of two days covering a basketball team which was outscored 161-118. Tomorrow, we're hitting the … [Read More...]

Those Were The Days – Northwestern

This is the first time I've remembered to publish the Northwestern TWTD in three years. It's always scheduled to go up on Black Friday and I'm always doing something else. But today, I remembered! Here's Detlef to take us back to 1989: … [Read More...]

Florida State Postgame Presser

I usually avoid pressers (given my allergy to canned answers), but given that I traveled all the way out here, I figured I should attend. And even ask questions. Which voice is mine? Just listen for the guy stammering trying to say the phrase "with Leron Black … [Read More...]

No Excuses

Tried to write last night after the game. Couldn't. Too agitated.  So I found a restaurant in New York City serving Thanksgiving dinner and my wife and I dined over turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce and talked about anything besides Illinois … [Read More...]

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