The 90 Illini - 35 ~ 31

31 days away from Illinois Football!! Say again? The first game is two weeks from today? That means I should be on the 20~16 part of the countdown right now. If I'm only at 35~31 then... that means I have a ton of posts to make up. Who could have seen

2019 Training Camp XVII: What I Think

"So you were up at training camp? What did you think?" I get this question quite often. And I get it - 15 years ago, at my desk at work, I was always wondering what was going on up at Camp Rantoul. How is the QB battle shaking out? Anyone emerging on

The 90 Illini - 40 ~ 36

Man I am really pushing it this year. I still have six more of these to write (I always do the top-10 as one post the day before the first game), I have five camp posts on my list, and there's this little thing called The Preview where I'll write about

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Devon Witherspoon

This is a fascinating one. Whenever a player commits in July and shows up to camp in August (think Mike Davis in basketball), it's always a head scratcher. No Big Ten-level athlete would still be available at the end of July, right? Here's what I found

Fighting Illini Upcoming Schedule

Training Camp 2019 XVI: Mid-Camp Three-Deep

I'm constantly (CONSTANTLY) updating the depth chart in my head. Part of it is simply "this guy is clearly ahead of that guy every time they run the first and second strings out there", but part of it is also "I have a hunch he'll pass him by August

2019 Training Camp XV: Saturday's Practice

I tell you what, that whole "watch a movie on the jumbotron" thing they do is a wildly successful event. I left the stadium at around 6:45 (practice ended at 6:00) and I couldn't get out of the parking lot. Just a constant stream of cars coming in for

2019 Training Camp XIV: Mailbag Day Part Five

OK this will be the last one. Sorry if I didn't get to your mailbag day question. I tried to cover most every topic that showed up in my Twitter notifications, but I probably missed a few. Maybe I'll do another mailbag thing after the open portion of

2019 Training Camp XIII: Mailbag Day Part Four

I'm totally drinking Camp Juice as I write these. What's Camp Juice? It's this Minute Maid juice (or "juice", apparently) that I started drinking last week at camp and since I am like I am it's now my thing. When I'm in Champaign, I will go to the store

2019 Training Camp XII: Mailbag Day Part Three

Because I'm providing links to the Twitter questions for these, and because the site freaks out if those quoted Twitter links show up on the front page, I have to write an intro for each of these mailbag posts. And the intro needs to be at least 250

2019 Training Camp XI: Mailbag Day Part Two

It's kinda crazy that this is my thing. Like, I think I could answer mailbag questions about Illinois football for 31 hours straight without tiring. Just such a weird thing to care about. Illini Football never pays me back, but here I am, happily typing

2019 Training Camp X: Mailbag Day Part One

Mailbag day! The genesis of Mailbag Day: I always wished I could ask questions of the people covering Camp Rantoul years ago. I figured there were other people just like me, so for one day each year, I'm your eyes and ears. You ask me what you want me

2019 Training Camp IX: Offensive Improvement

Now that I got my "what I didn't like about practice today" out of the way (the lack of noise), let's get to a list of the things I liked. My first day at camp last week I pretty much only watched the quarterbacks, then I spent two days watching the

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Austin Hutcherson

Working through the inbox here. Knocked out a 90i post, then the Chase Brown LLUOI, then the "feel" of today's practice, now the Hutcherson LLUOI, and then all my notes from practice today will be next. And maybe a Devon Witherspoon LLUOI if I'm feeling

2019 Training Camp VIII: No Juice

So I have this Thing I Want To Talk About that I need to talk about before I talk about today's practice. If you know anything about me me, you know that all of my practice thoughts will be blocked by the Thing I Want To Talk About until I talk about

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