That Felt Familiar

I've been to that exact game so many times. Spotty crowd reduced only to the die-hards. Not very much cheering until it was clear the home team was actually going to hang on and win. Frustrated visiting fans wondering how they lost to THIS team. This


I'll write about the game in the morning. This one was everything I've been worrying about showing up in one game. And I don't want to write about that right now. As Meat Loaf once said, let me sleep on it. Instead, I'll write about two chairs. This

So, How We Doin'? Maryland

We should just get it out of the way at the start here: before the win a few weeks ago, we had lost four straight to Maryland in Champaign. And we've lost three straight at Maryland. We did win a "road game" against Maryland in 2019, but that game, for

Quad Rant

It's still probably a little too early to look at this stuff. We have 13 more Big Ten games plus the BTT still to come. But since we dominated the entire world in Quad 1 wins last year, I wanted to take a look a the games we've played and the games yet

The Board Room - Post-Purdue

I really should publish more of these directly on the website. But here I am, once again, only publishing it on the site because I'm the featured guest. I just can't get enough of myself, I guess. Late Monday night after the Purdue loss I joined Josh

The Hunters

I got up to leave press row about 15 minutes after the game ended. I first looked left and there was a big gaggle of Purdue fans blocking the aisle. So I went right but I was behind three Purdue fans (perhaps parents?) looking for someone. I'm never

So, How We Doin'? Purdue

Here's where I land with a game like this. So far, we are 3-0 at home in the Big Ten. Can we go 10-0 at home? We used to do it all the time at home (what was the stat - three total home losses in five years at the beginning of this centruy?), so we

Emotional Rescue

College basketball coaches - and by extension their teams - are creatures of structure. They crave consistency. Every hour of every week is scheduled. Practice time - conditioning - film study - meals - academic hours. Practices are mapped out by the

We Love No Other 5.15: Carmen, Tyler, and Robert Post-Michigan

Yesterday, Carmen, Tyler, and I sat down in the kitchen to discuss the Michigan game from the night before. But we only talked about the Michigan game for a little bit. We also discussed Uncrustables, the officials in the Northwestern-Michigan State


It's kind of hilarious that both Tyler and I covered the game last night, it's currently 10:09 am, and neither of us have written about the game last night. We went to the game, then we went to a bar, then we went to another bar, and then we went to

Rewind - Kofi

So it's been far too long since I fired up the old BetaMax for a Rewind post. I've generally wanted to avoid this series devolving into just a collection of Chris Farley type "That Was Awesome!" video clips, and when we haven't lost in almost a month

So, How We Doin'? Michigan

I'm just dreading this game from every angle. There's nothing I like about it. Just want it to be over. Let's begin last year in Ann Arbor. When I got to Crisler for that one, I found the media seating and asked the one usher if there was a seating

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Magnus Moller

First off, at the Signing Day press conference I learned that it's not pronounced Mag-nuss. The G is silent and Ma is pronounced like the vowel in "cow". Moww-nuss. Second, Magnus was my third-favorite American Gladiator behind Nitro and Zap. (This

Section 116

When Nebraska cut it to one with about five minutes to go, I had to get up and pace. I've worked on my "I can just sit here and keep it all in" over the years, but sometimes I just can't stay on press row. I have to pace. So I chose Section 116. The

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