Freshman Jersey Number Day 2019

I think this is the latest Freshman Jersey Number Day in history. It's a June tradition for me - usually late June just before I take my typical 4th of July trip (I remember writing one of these while my wife was driving and we were headed to Door

Interceptions 2019

Remember when sitcoms in the 1980's would do a clip show where they'd just have one character set it up and then show clips from previous shows the next 29 minutes? Wait, many of you weren't born then? Well, see kids, back in the 80's, sitcoms would

Here I Go Again

I am Robert, and I cannot help myself when it comes to piecing together future Illini basketball rosters. I follow recruiting, I look at which kids have named the Illini among their leaders, and I immediately start piecing together future rosters. Brad

The 90 Illini - 60 ~ 56

I'm still stuck on the whole "six months left to this decade" thing. We've wasted an entire decade of our lives waiting for our teams to turn it around. Three 6-6 football seasons and two NCAA Tournament wins were the highlights of the entire decade,

Fighting Illini Upcoming Schedule

Here Goes Nothing

I group things. You probably know this. I rarely look at a single game or half and glean anything from it - it's always "in these next 10 games, I would like to see X". It's how I navigate our (mostly awful) seasons. Set expectations, see where we land

Slapdash - Colorado

Sitting in a coffeeshop in Colorado right now. My wife and our friends rented bikes and headed out to circle this lake. I tried to warn them that someone stole all the oxygen up here, but they wouldn't listen. So while they search for air to breathe,

The 90 Illini - 65 ~ 61

Writing this one on the airplane. There's no wifi, so as of right now, I have fill-ins below for the information I don't know. Justice Williams went to Texas High School in Texas, Texas because I can't remember which DFW high school he went to. When


The day before the Maryland game - which I'm hoping represents the low point for Illinois basketball for the rest of my life - I wrote about Next Year. At 5-14, the 2018/19 season was OVER over, and my thoughts turned to how the next school year (2019/20)

The 90 Illini - 70 - 66

We're crossing into the 60's now, which usually means "lettermen". That's the old fashioned term for "participated on the varsity team in a meaningful way", if you will, meaning these are the players who will play. The might only be the fourth string

Pick My Post - Next Year

OK so I give myself 45 minutes to write these. And I start the clock on Twitter. But this time I started the clock, and then ran to the restroom, and then let the dog out, and then turned on my laptop, so now I'm down to 39 minutes and I have a lot to

Construction Complete

This is maybe a "Part II" to my "Click" post from last week. I say "maybe" because I'm not really sure where this one is going to go. But, after writing that post, my brain has settled on one thing: the roster is now in place for the rebuild we've been

The 90 Illini - 75 ~ 71

Worth noting: with the two transfers joining in the last week (Josh Imatorbhebhe and Brandon Peters), I'm now in a position where I won't have spots for them in The 90 Illini. I'll have a spot for one of them - when I made the list I put "transfer QB"


So I've been reading back through comments on football posts the last few months. And I feel like the "because" is missing. As in "IF Lovie is able to turn things around this season, it will happen BECAUSE..." Most seem to be focused on the specifics

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Brandon Peters

Remember the day Wes Lunt picked Illinois? Remember how jacked we all were? Well, Wes Lunt II just picked Illinois. And the fanbase - beaten down by the last five (ok 25) years - is nowhere near as jacked. For good reason. But, um, this kid is pretty

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