What's In A Name?

Ever cry in public? I just did. Totally embarrassing. I was listening to a song at Einstein Bros Bagels (not a song at Einstein Bros - a song flowing from my phone to my earbuds while I'm sitting at a table at an Einstein Bros) and I started to cry.

The 90 Illini #65: Khmari Thompson

It's amazing how much Kerby Joseph has revitalized my "you just never know when the light bulb might turn on" stance. I probably take more heat for that than anything else I write. There's an entire squad of "if a player sucks as a redshirt freshman,

We Love No Other 6.4 - Illini Basketball 1998~2002

You've heard Erik's name before when discussing The Stats. I'll just real quickly show you some of The Stats and then we'll get to the podcast we recorded on Illini Basketball from 1998 to 2002. I first referenced The Stats here when my friend Erik

The 90 Illini #66: Sed McConnell

Here's another redshirt freshman who would be several spots higher if there weren't transfer portal additions this spring. Which, I guess, is kind of the point of using the portal. "This redshirt freshman might not be ready to be second-string yet, so

The 90 Illini #67: Samari Collier

I should use that photo right there as read-option teach tape. That right there is the single thing that changed college football 20 years ago. The quarterback (in this picture, Samari Collier, #16) stares directly at the defensive end (in this photo

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Jonah Morris

I pride myself on being an expert at eligibility math. If there was some kind of math competition where one category was "college football eligibility", the math coach would add me to the team just to dominate that category. They'd put me in the lineup

The 90 Illini #68: Josh Gesky

I don't know much about Manteno besides the fact that it's an exit on the interstate on the way to Chicago which is fairly quick for a get off/get back on gas stop. I've stopped there several times. But beyond that, I don't think I know any other Manteno

The 90 Illini #69: Ryan Meed

Any 2019 enrollee who got on the field that season (like Keith Randolph or Isaiah Williams or, the reason I'm saying this, Ryan Meed) always startles me when looking at their participation. They were juniors before they had a game that "counted." Take

Illini Golf 2023

I should put a sticky-note on my desk that says "whenever you get bogged down writing about one thing, write a golf article." Because it always clears out the cobwebs. I think I write about Illini football too much, Illini golf too little, and Illini

The 90 Illini #70: Elijah McCantos

I moved Mc-Cantos around on this list a lot in the last three weeks. As I've said before, I constantly pull up the list on my phone and move one guy up three spots and another guy down nine spots. For Mc-Cantos (for some reason I can't put the dash in

The 90 Illini #71: Evan Kirts

Evan Kirts switched from OL to DL this spring. That made me look up all of the position switches we've seen so far from Bielema's staff. Some have been celebrated (Isaiah Williams from quarterback to wide receiver being the one we've discussed the most)

We Love No Other 6.3 - Illini Basketball 1993~1997

It's basically the Jordan Flu Game. I recorded this podcast episode with Will Leitch last week. We recorded using Zoom, so even though it's just an audio recording, we're looking at each other the whole time. And as we neared the end, he was not looking

We Were On A Break

I'm not really fishing. Just tired and stressed and hanging up the Gone Fishin' sign for a few days. The self-imposed pressure of "you're falling behind on The 90 Illini again" has been haunting me the last 48 hours so I need to take the next 48 hours

The 90 Illini #72: Owen Anderson

Back to it. I'm now behind by about a week but that's never stopped me before. Got my rest in and now it's time to crank. Starting with the first ranking I can truly say I might regret. Right now I have Owen Anderson at 72 on this list. But very little

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