OK, I can talk about football again. That was a rough 72 hours. The only way to get out of my funk: plug my ears, cover my eyes, pretend like everything is still fine, and book a flight to the Michigan State game in November. I've never been to East

Postscript, Eastern Michigan

I don't have any tattoos. It's not for lack of wanting one. I think they look cool, and I'm envious of anyone who can pull them off. My issue has always been permanence. I've never been convinced that I'll feel so strongly about something for the


Michigan State 2009 has always stuck with me. Statistically, that was going to be the year. Juice-to-Rejus. Upperclassmen everywhere. After that loss to Michigan State in the fifth game - I can point to the exact spot where I was on I-57 when it hit

SOC - Eastern Michigan

I'm writing this SOC a few miles from where I wrote the last SOC. Last week I had just landed in Hartford before the game. This week I'm at an airport hotel in Hartford, ready to fly to St. Louis first thing in the morning. We land at 8:00 and then I

Fighting Illini Upcoming Schedule

Sweet Spot

I should have a regular column that I call "vacation thoughts". I guess that couldn't really be a "regular column" unless I was taking regular vacations, but I do my best Illini thinking while on vacation. Specifically, when we're in a Quaint Little

Craig Has The Scout - Eastern Michigan 2019

Coming Up

Who: Eastern Michigan Eagles

When: 11:00 am - September 14th, 2019

Where: Home Sweet Home

How: BTN

Opponent Primer:

Head Coach: Chris Creighton. Creighton took an Eastern Michigan job that had been a

Those Were The Days - Eastern Michigan

This is the second straight week where we're playing an opponent for the first time. So Detlef can't write his normal "here's what happened with we played this opponent in the past" post. Last week, instead of UConn, it was the Glastnost Bowl. This

Next Year

That's my view as I type this right now. I'm wearing my orange and blue all over New England hoping to run into one of the nine UConn football fans so that I can feast upon their tears. It's totally a "let me have this" situation - the game meant nothing

Postscript, UConn

My glass is almost always half full.

It's not a conscious choice. It's just the way I am. We all have roles to play, and mine is usually the optimist.

I get self-conscious about it sometimes, like maybe I'm not being pragmatic because I don't worry

Death And Transfiguration

I have a playlist I listen to in the pressbox. We've been over this. To keep myself from cheering (because you can't cheer), I calm my nerves with classical music. I've developed a playlist over the years - music that keeps me calm. This past week, I

UConn Postgame Interviews

I figure I'll just take you through my postgame here. And then I'll get something to eat, return to my computer and write out my thoughts on this game.

I didn't head down to the field until Trevon Sidney caught that pass to ice the game. I could have

SOC - UConn

Writing this one from my Hartford hotel room. Which, of course, makes me think of all the other non-conference road games the last 10 years. Which makes me so worried about tomorrow. I know I'm not supposed to be worried, but I've been sick to my stomach

Those Were The Days - Glasnost Bowl

I'm hopping on a plane here in a few hours, bound for Hartford. I'm pretty sure Detlef is already there. No, I won't be joining him for his tailgate because the DEMC confuses and frightens me. I'll be headed to the pressbox early where I will pace and

Craig Has The Scout - UConn 2019

Coming Up

Who: Connecticut Huskies

When: 2:30 pm - September 7th, 2019

Where: Pratt & Whitney Stadium at Rentschler Field, East Hartford, CT


Opponent Primer:

Head Coach: Randy Edsall. Edsall is the

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