Pin Drop

I have this emphasis thing. Ask my wife. I often have these moments where it's so important that I accurately emphasize something. I'm having one of those moments right now. I need you to understand how quiet it was in the State Farm Center today. I'll

The Other Sports

I tell you what. As each year goes by, I care more and more about non-revenue Illini spots and less and less about my professional teams. By the time I retire, I'm going to be that guy going to a swimming and diving meet while the World Series is on.

For Better Or Worse

I used to do this yearly, but I'm not sure I've done it in the last few years (because it wouldn't have mattered): An early look at the football schedule for next season, predicting if each opponent will be better or worse than this season. This schedule

2019 Volleyball

You know that if we start the next football season 3-0 (and we'd better start the next football season 3-0), then you're going to see a post on here saying "AND THEN IN 2020 THINGS GET EVEN BETTER". During current success, I'm always looking at future

Fighting Illini Upcoming Schedule


After Illinois fought off a late UNLV comeback in a 77-74 win at the State Farm Center this afternoon, Kipper Nichols was asked about the game's final eight minutes - in which the Illini allowed the Running Rebels to turn a 14 point second half deficit


I feel like it's my job (duty?) to never let anyone forget what this fanbase is currently being put through. It seems obvious - basketball is bad, football is bad - but I feel like it still gets lost. It's why my pinned tweet is currently the 10 longest

Chicago Blues

"It did get loud tonight, but I'm sure in Champaign it gets louder"

- Ohio State Coach Chris Holtmann

On December 11, 2004, Illinois played the Oregon Ducks here in the United Center. A mere 21,224 fans showed up that Saturday afternoon to

Back & Forth - 2-6

So, uh, this basketball season hasn't been great so far. Which means I needed to email Tyler and have him explain it to me. For our first Back & Forth of the season, I decided to email him with a single-word email. Because it's all I could type

The 2013/14 Comp

I was going to write four posts today. Three were already written (including this one), and then I was going to write a fourth post after the Nebraska game. I no longer desire to write that post - I'm seeking Tyler's help in trying to understand what

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Evan Kirts

Hopefully Palcho II. That's the angle here. The staff earned all kinds of evaluation credibility when they landed Alex Palczewski in their first class. They offer a guy with basically zero offers, ranked in the middle of nowhere in the rankings, and

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Jakai Clark

I think I'm going to crank out three posts today before the Nebraska game. It's the only way to blog. Two posts from Wednesday through Saturday, four posts on Sunday. I'm way behind on LLOUI posts, so let's knock out two of those right now. Starting

Let's Talk Volleyball

I spend my days in this perpetual state of anxiety over unwritten posts on the site. Right now I still have two LLOUI posts to write once I find time, but having a job means I can only squeeze in so many posts when I can. A volleyball post is perhaps

In And Out

It got that far down and then popped back out.

Look, this game isn't going to mean anything. It's not like the Georgetown loss and the Notre Dame loss are going to mean anything at the end of the year. It's not like one of these losses is preventing

2019 Three-Deep

Because the Big Ten usually hands us our bye week in September (the good programs get the midseason bye weeks, as it probably should be), I generally put together my "next season" depth chart that week and then tweak it after the season. And then I

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