Finally, Florida

My birthday is a few days after Christmas. When I was a teenager, the holidays were simple for me. Christmas, then my birthday, then an Illini bowl game. A few days after my 16th birthday we played in the All American Bowl in Birmingham. A few days

Great Game

I'm a little worried about me. It's an hour after the game ended and I barely have any angst inside. Every time my team loses, the rest of my night is usually angst and despair, but tonight I just can't find it. Great game, great atmosphere, my team

One Score Games

My notes are now three pages long. I've spent the last 3.5 hours writing down numbers and then coming up with different ways to frame the numbers. I think I'm ready to write about the stat that @bobzuppke stumbled on while we were recording a podcast

So, How We Doin'? Maryland 2022

i'm on the train right now en route to DC. And every time I do one of these train trips I get all kinds of train questions. So I'll attempt to answer a bunch of train questions and then I'll write my first "So, How We Doin'?" post of the year. We

We Love No Other 6.15 - Bob Zuppke

I said on Twitter last night that I would publish the stat we discovered during this podcast when I published this episode this morning. But now I think this needs to be a two-part thing. I'll let you listen to the podcast first and then I'll go write

Culture Club

There was one moment in this game that stuck with me. No, not Coleman's 10th rebound (to get his triple-double) shown in Holly's photo right there. Great moment, but that's not it. It was an interaction between two Syracuse players. I'm now going to

Postscript, Northwestern

I used to think of myself as someone who didn't like to be alone. That was before I had kids. Now, doing literally anything alone -- stringing Christmas lights, seeing a movie, going to the grocery store -- is at the top of my self-care wish list.

Convincing Fashion

I've written about the 1994 season so many times. It was my first senior year (you know, the one before my second senior year), and I was there for nearly every painstaking moment. I was in Soldier Field on that Thursday night to watch us miss a 54-yard

Wait Till Next Year

I don't know how to write this article. I know how to write the other article. I've written some form of Wait Till Next Year at least 50 times. Even offseason posts have been littered with "by the time he reaches his junior year he should be..."

From The Stands - Northwestern 2022

Hard to describe my mood. Just got back to the tailgate and chatted with Carmen and he's in the same spot. Yes, there's no Big Ten Championship Game. But when I say I don't care about that in this moment, I really don't care about that in this moment

SOC - Northwestern 2022

I'm in my Chicago hotel room and I'm nervous. I didn't think I'd be nervous but I'm nervous. Let's talk about why I might be nervous. First off, it's Northwestern. Losing to them as many times as we lost to them the last 20 years has been really

Those Were The Days - Northwestern

I did it AGAIN. I have Detlef's TWTD. All I have to do is cut and paste it into an article and hit the publish button. But because it's the Friday after Thanksgiving, I always forget. It's 11:54 PM, I sat down to write the SOC in my Chicago hotel room

Necessary Roughness

OK, so I know your collective focus is squarely pointed north towards Evanston, so I'll keep this one short. This Black Friday night hoops game was a planned execution with new to D-1 Lindenwood serving as the sacrificial lamb. It was a strategic

Craig Has The Scout - Northwestern 2022

My last CHTS intro for the year. WAIT, that's not true. There will be another CHTS for the bowl game. Perhaps by then all of the other usernames will be fixed and Craig can post this as himself. Or perhaps by then mine will break as well and you'll all

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