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January 26, 2022 @ 07:11 AM

I sat in the "crowd" at the sparsely-populated Maryland game on Friday and thought to myself "well, that's college hoops." Last night Maryland smacked Rutgers all over the RAC; it seems to have found its complete-game mojo. And the Illini turned around and toughed out a win v. MSU solely because of the culture that BU has built and the depth of the team. Yes, they had no business winning that game v. #10, and yet they led by double digits for most of it.

The coach communicates toughness, love for his players and adoration of the program. I can't ask for more and hope that he's with us for a long time to come.

Finally, thanks for posting that postgame Weber presser v. Purdue. I need to watch it. What I remember of it is that at some point he seemed to throw one or more of his players under the bus, which incensed me. I recall listening to it and that was the moment when I thought to myself "He'll have to go. Now." I don't remember his contrition or despair at all. Then came that Nebraska debacle in Lincoln, with Meyers literally in tears on the bench at the end because he had never been on a team beaten that badly.

Memory is selective and deceiving, so perhaps I was wrong. I was just thinking of that Weber presser earlier this month, as I often contrast him (unfavorably, of course) with BU. I have compassion for the guy but he failed our program because he palpably lacked confidence, authority, and vigor.

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