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January 8, 2023 @ 08:08 AM

You are the sane one here. I’ve never seen such an over-the-top meltdown from fans. Did everyone really think the entire team would quit and we’d never win another game?

Shannon went off against UCLA and Mayer went off against Texas. We competed against other teams through talent and athleticism. Then we got scouted and it got tougher. Guys are still learning their roles on and off the court. Mad Underwood came back.

Still, we always thought this team would take some time to gel with all the new faces. The defense has been ahead of the offense.

Fans were seduced by the Skyy Clark hype and didn’t realize he fit into the Mark Smith / Adam Miller mold. I’m sure he’s a nice kid but he is all over the place. Assume he won’t be back and realize that Epps is to Frazier like Clark is to Mark Smith. Harris is better than we thought so the rotation will be ok.

Shaq Dainja is impressive in the post. Mayer is Mayer. Coleman will be great once he focuses on his strengths.

We need to get RJ dialed in and get Goode back to finally live up to our potential. Perrin gives us a little more depth.

I’d love to have a veteran backup PG but we’ll make do with Harris playing earlier than expected.

This could be one of those years where we’re the 10-seed in the Elite Eight. I don’t like our odds of winning the Big Ten right now but I think we will be fine come March.

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