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January 30, 2023 @ 03:58 PM

switch it to Wisconsin in Madison

Yep. I was trying to flip it and reverse it to use an Illinois example but in that example we'd have to fall to 76 for it to be Q2 for Michigan State, not 31.

You are correct - for Wisconsin, we're a Quad 1 loss until we fall to 31 or below. I'll edit.

"Five losses" when we have six losses.

Correct again. That one was the fault of a rewrite. I had a part in there about the Virginia loss being somewhat meaningless in the Committee's eyes. Lose to a top-15 team on a neutral court? Win is a huge boost, loss is almost meaningless. So we really only have five losses that the Committee will look at.

But then I took that part out because I thought it might cause more confusion than clarity. I'll go put it back in.

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