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March 21, 2023 @ 03:29 PM

This is unhinged. Seriously. Diving that deep into Twitter views. Acting like it's you against the world. This whole "media wars" thing you've been writing about over and over again. You need to pull out of this if you're that deep into the numbers and the frustrations and the ways it personally affects you. I'm being serious. I don't even think you're totally wrong, but you're coming off like a whining brat. Have you ever considered you've changed since pre-COVID times, too? Why is this everyone's fault but yours? There's been a recurring reaction amongst me and my (large) group of Illini friends to your articles over the past 18ish months, and it's "Who Freaking Cares." You're no longer fulfilling that niche piece of Illini media that you used to do so well. You're just complaining left and right.

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