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March 21, 2023 @ 07:54 PM

You’re perhaps uninterested, and this has nothing to do with your dilemma above or my reaction to it — I’ve thought this thought for several years: the News-Gazette and WDWS should line you up to replace Loren Tate someday (hopefully years from now) as principal Illini columnist/talker. Bring the blogging, tweeting add at them to the column and the occasional weeknight and Saturday morning radio show (recorded as podcasts). I know the columns and content would be different as you’re a different voice. Loren’s would be huge shoes to fill, of course. But it will be a complete swing and miss if they don’t try to hire you — again, as an opinion/fan guy, not the straight reporter (I know Loren has done some of both over time). Just my two cents.

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