We Love No Other 5.7 - Basketball Newcomers

Oct 6, 2021

I'm still cranking away over here on the Check The Tape. Gotta get it done by tonight because I'm leaving at 5:00 am for Big Ten Basketball Media Days. Yes, I'm finally breaking down and going to a Media Days event. I go to the local ones, as you'll see in a moment, but I've always hand-waved at the conference ones. "Not really my thing" and whatnot. Well, maybe I should attend one before saying that it's not really my thing.

So that's my plan for Big Ten Media Day. Illini Basketball Media Day was last Friday, and I put everything I learned in podcast form.

Available on Apple here, Spotify here, Google Podcasts here, or just listen using the player below.

And if you only have, like, three minutes right now, just fast-forward to the 40-minute mark and listen to Brad Underwood's answer to my Andre Curbelo question:


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