From The Stands - Purdue 2023

Oct 1, 2023

How do you record something when you're in disbelief? You keep seeing 44-19 on the scoreboard, and you know that it happened, and every happy Purdue fan to your left and your right confirms that yes, this was a thing that happened, but somehow you still don't believe it.

It was a game at halftime and then in the third quarter we fell apart. Falling apart in a horrific stretch against Penn State is one thing. Falling apart to a 1-3 team with our former defensive coordinator on the opposite sideline is another thing altogether.

I had planned to publish From The Stands and then write my article here from West Lafayette so that when I got home I wouldn't have any writing to do. But I've been staring at my screen, still stuck at "disbelief", so I'll publish this, drive the 80 minutes home, and then regroup.

We lost to 1-3 Purdue 44-19. This is a thing that happened.


illinois81 on October 1, 2023 @ 08:49 AM

As a long-time Illinois fan, this is definitely a familiar feeling of losing big. We can never seem to maintain momentum in football. BTN talking heads will no longer bother to say, "What happened to Illinois?". They will just assert that Illinois is bad.

I am not advocating for coaching change. I hate the typical experience of starting all over again with new staff. Plus, really hope Bielema can pull it together in the long run. Just have to reset expectations for this season, sadly.

KaseyLikesDepthCharts on October 2, 2023 @ 12:19 PM

That game sucked, hurt to watch.

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